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We have been fortunate to have customers who have encouraged & supported innovations. As a result, number of dedicated instruments have been developed. These form the basic hardware, around which our equipment has been built. Some of the instruments are briefly described in forgoing paragraphs.

True RMS digital servo controller working on current feed back from CT secondary. It has current maintenance of better than ±0.6 % F.S. It drives DC stepper motor which in turn drives dimmerstat to maintain the parameter. Desired set value can be set through front pots. It can be set through external pots, giving possibility of pre-adjusted current levels. It can be driven from external DC signal generated by PC using DAC output.

Transient Meter for digital recording of signals lasting as low as 100mSec. It is an easy substitute for storage Oscilloscope for all instantaneous measurements. Measurement accuracy 3% F.S. Input range 1V AC/DC.           

Digital Point on Wave selector for accurate switching through thyristors / triacs. Useful for switching for magnetic verification and Make Switch closing for short circuit tests. Setting of angle is on 3 thumbwheel switches. It has built in phase lock loop so that angle setting is not affected by supply frequency.

Inexpensive 8 channel programmable Microprocessor based timer for sequencing in endurance testing, HV testing. It can store upto 9 programs in the memory.

Microprocessor based ambient temperature compensated, DC millivolt comparator for measurement of fuse resistance. Acceptable limits of millivolt entered at one ambient, will change automatically when ambient temp. changes. Feed back being provided by RTD. Upto 100 sets of values of acceptable limits can be stored in memory. Temperature co-efficient for each set can be programmed between 0.001 and 0.999 %.

Millivolt transducer, a device that accepts input from 10mV to 500mV AC/DC & generates a potential free contact for driving Time Interval Meters. This enables direct sensing of presence of current in any circuit without using contacts. Useful in trip time measurement. Forms part of protection scheme in electrical endurance test setups for detecting ‘Welding’ or ‘ No Current’.

3 pole make switch for short circuit testing. Making capacity of 25KA-500V. Making angle accuracy of ±5 degrees.

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