Our Offerings

Our product range covers:

  1. Inductive / Resistive Loads for Short circuit Making/Breaking capacity test and Electrical Endurance capacity test.
  2. High current sources (1 phase/3 phase) having continuous rating up to 5000A (Used mainly for Temperature Rise test).
  3. High current sources having short time rating up to 25000A (Used mainly for tripping verification of instantaneous releases).
  4. Multipurpose AC/DC voltage source.
  5. Test benches for mV drop test (Both AC/DC)
  6. Computerized / semi-automatic test benches for calibration / verification of MCBs, Overload relays / releases and instantaneous (Magnetic) releases. These may be used on the production live as well as in the Type test laboratories.
  7. Computerized / semi-automatic test benches for measuring parameters like pick up / drop off voltage / time, coil consumption etc. of contactors / motor starters on production line.
  8. Demonstration / Testing kits.
  9. High power DC regulated power supplies.
  10. Automatic / Semiautomatic charges, cyclic charge / discharge tests for batteries.
  11. Test set up for verification of performance of fuel cells.
  12. Routine / type testing equipment and computerized calibration test set ups for energy meters.
  13. We also offer Consultancy in setting up short circuit test facilities in equipment selection, layout designing, busbar routing etc.

Product wise list of Testing Equipments.
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  Sarman Engineering Pvt Ltd, Sarman, SARMAN ENGINEERING, Designing, manufacturing, commissioning & servicing of Testing equipment for switchgear products such as Contactors, Overload relays, Motor starters, MCCBs, ACBs HRC fuses, Fuse Switches, Control Accessories for Industrial applications and also for products like small ON/OFF switches, MCBs, ELCBs, RCCBs used in domestic sector. Over a period of time we have also diversified into manufacturing of regulated DC constant current / constant voltage sources and testing equipment for Lead-Acid batteries, fuel cells, energy meters etc. Website by amit9827, www.WebTechIndia.com,Webtechnologies(India)
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