Load Banks

All electrical products used in generation transmission, distribution, & utilization has basic need of testing at full power for proper performance evaluation. Load banks enable simulating field service conditions in laboratory.

Electrical power used in any form is represented by V*I*COS Æ in AC circuit & watts in DC circuits. Power factor associated with AC system can be leading or lagging or in phase. DC circuits on the other hand can also have capacitors / inductors, in addition to resistors.
Thus all loads are essentially some combination of R L & C. Loads dissipate power. Loads are used for testing motors, generators, alternators transformers. Loads are used for evaluating performance of switchgears under different load conditions. Loads are used for limiting fault currents in transmission lines.
Load banks can be for ‘Active’ Load, i.e. resistive. Load Banks can be reactive i.e. inductive or capacitive.
Load banks can also be combination of both active as well as reactive.

Some of the load characteristics are summarized as under:

  • Voltage rating / range

  • Supply frequency

  • Current range.

  • Rating continuous or Intermittent. If intermittent, the ON/OFF cycle.

  • Power factor or Time Constant ( L/R ).

  • Variability in current, PF, Time Constant ( L/R ). Fixed taps or continuously variable.

  • Any shunting by way of resistors or capacitors.

  • Type of inductance air cored, iron cored, so also type of capacitors.

  • Tolerances of load values.

  • For indoor use or outdoor use.

  • Requirements of cooling natural, forced, oil cooled.

  • Short time with stand capacity.

We have been making load banks for various applications. Notably

  • Loads for regulating current & power factor in short circuit laboratories. Current range from 500A to 50000A at P. F. 0.2 to unity LT/HT

  • Loads for endurance testing for LT switchgear products from 1A to 5000A at PF from 0.1(lag) to unity.

  • Loads for DC applications L/R 0 to 100msec. 0.5A to 20A for 24V to 600V DC

  • Inductive loads used as swamps for improving current stability.

List of customers using our load banks.

  • CPRI – Bangalore (for Synthetic Testing in HV Lab)
  • Datar Switchgeras Ltd. – Nasik (for Short Circuit Testing)
  • ERDA – Vadodra (for Short Circuit Testing & Endurance Testing)
  • Havell’s India Ltd. – Faridabad (for Endurance Contactors / MCCBs Test)
  • IIT – Kanpur (for Endurance Testing)
  • Indo Asian Fusegear Pvt. Ltd. – Sonepat (for Short Circuit Testing)
  • MDS Switchgear Pvt. Ltd. – Jalgaon (Endurance Tests on MCBs / RCCBs)
  • North West Switchgear Ltd. – Faridabad (Endurance Tests on MCBs / RCCBs)
  • PSB – Singapore (for Short Circuit Testing)
  • SIRIM – Malaysia (for Endurance Tests on Switch)
  • Standard Electricals Ltd. – Jalandhar (for Short Circuit Testing)
  • Schneider Electric – Chennai (for Endurance Testing)
  • Schneider Electric – Nasik. (Endurance Testing of Contactors)
  • Teknic Controls – Bangalore (for Rocker Switches)

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