Test Equipments for Lead-Acid batteries


It meets the requirement of sub clause 12.7 at IS8320:2000. Equipment essentially consists at electronic constant current load, digital voltmeter, temperature indicator, time totalizer and comparator for cut off level sensing.
Specifications of a typical capacity tester for 12V battery are as below:
Battery under test: 12V
Discharge current range: 2.5-25A adjustable through 10 turn pot.
Battery discharge limit: Not below 4.5V
Cut off voltage: settable
Voltmeter: 19.99V
Temperature Indicator: 0-200°C with acid resistant sensor type PT100
Ammeter: 199.9A
Beeper: 1hr / 15min with manual acknowledge.


Meets the requirements of sub clause 12.11 of IS 8320: 2000. Equipment essentially consists of a constant current electronic load consisting of reverse polarity protection.
Typical specifications for high rate discharger for a 12V battery are as below.
Battery under test: 12V
Discharge current: Settable between 50A to 500A through a 10 turn pot.
Voltage comparators: 2Nos. for adjusting ‘C’ and ‘D’ levels of cell and ‘B’ levels.
Time measurement: 2 Nos. Digital time interval meters.
Temperature indicator: 0-200 °C with acid resistant sensor type PT100.
Voltmeter: 19.99V
Ammeter: 1999A


Confirms to requirements of sub clause 12.14 of IS 8320: 2000. Equipment essentially consists of a discharger unit, charger unit and a programmable timer for adjusting the charging / discharging cycles.
Specifications for a typical 12V battery are as under.
Charger unit: Constant current charger, with charging current continuously adjustable up to 50A through a 10 turn pot.
Discharger unit: Constant current transitorized load with discharging current continuously adjustable up to 50A through a 10 turn pot.
Timer: Microprocessor based with programmable charging and discharging cycles with back up memory.
Voltmeter: 0-19.99V
Ammeter: 0-199.9A


Various types of chargers such as

  • Constant current chargers
  • Constant voltage chargers
  • Trickle chargers
Shall be made available according to the customers’ requirements.    
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