Test Equipments for Industrial Heavy Duty Switches/ Domestic Switches

Routine Testing Equipment

  • HV
  • mV drop (contact resistance)

Type testing equipment

  1. Electrical endurance with simulated fluorescent lamp loads (Load A & Load B as per IS / IEC / BS.
  2. Mechanical endurance test of switches.
  3. Mechanical endurance test of socket and plugs as per figure16 of IS.

Jobs handled


Load Banks for Domestic Switches / Regulators

Choksons Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

mV Drop Verification Setup for 32/63A Switches

GE Power Control.,

Electrical Endurance for Domestic Switches

Havell’s Domran Smith Ltd., Faridabad.

On Load Testing for Domestic Switches

North West Switchgears., Faridabad.

Load A/B for Domestic Switches

Nipa International., Gurgaon.

mV Drop Semi Automatic Setup for KL Switches

Siemens Ltd., Kalwa.

Load Banks for Domestic Switches / Regulators

Al-Fanar Electrical Systems, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Load A/B for Domestic Switches

PSB, Singapore.

Endurance M / B Testing for Switches

MDS Switchgear., Sinnar.




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